Refinishing, Spraying, Reforming

For footwear products that have been damaged or have not been finished to standard, we can overcome discolouration or moisture marks with dying, respraying or refinishing of uppers. We can also offer top piece stapling, gluing, heel nailing, socking and topline quarter reforming.

Barcoding, Labelling & Kimballing

We handle bar coding, affixing of labels and tags, kimballing and applying promotional stickers. Our service covers footwear, clothing, giftware and various forms of general household goods.

Mould Contamination Specialists

Contamination occurs when products are not sufficiently treated during the manufacturing process. Flash Feet International have the experience and in-depth expertise to treat & remedy mould contaminated products.

Repacking, Sorting & Cleaning

If your imported goods need processing before they reach the retailer we can take care of sorting, sizing, break bulk, scale-outs, cleaning and repacking in preparation for distribution. Our staff are fast, efficient, well trained and meticulous in their attention to detail.

Stitching, Eyeletting & Rivetting

With our own specialist footwear machinery and skilled operatives we can stitch, make good, repair or replace sub-standard or damaged footwear components, bringing products up to required standards of the UK retail market.

Debranding & Rebranding

We are able to debrand stock clearance lines and unwanted goods with minimum impact, unstitching labels, removing tags, and using specialist processes to remove foil and ink markings. We will also undertake rebranding and relabelling.

Spot Checking & 100% Inspections

With dedicated teams of reliable and experienced staff we will undertake 100% inspections, detailed examination of individual finishing processes, and percentage spot checks. We can supply you with an itemised inventory of garments examined as well as marking faulty and damaged products.

Indelible stamping facility

Footwear can be indelibly stamped to show country of origin & composition makeup; a requirement of Russia, the Middle East & several other countries. A translation facility is also available.

Socially & ethically audited

We are socially & ethically audited by high street brands. As companies expand their manufacturing and sourcing capabilities around the world, supply chain workplace conditions are increasingly scrutinised.

Flash feet International

Footwear, Clothing, Household Goods & Giftware